Can Garage Door Openers Be Replaced

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Can Garage Door Openers Be Replaced

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Plain and simple, yes, a garage door opener can be replaced. Depending on the issues you are experiencing with your door, a seasoned professional at Corpus Christi Garage Door can help you determine whether a repair or a full replacement makes sense for you.

In some instances, a squeak or ungreased track may be a small and easy fix before you resort to investing in a whole new system. In other cases, whether it is the age of the door or it has multiple dented panels, it may be time to upgrade.

If you have an issue with your door opener or are considering a replacement, the team at Corpus Christi Garage Door can help you. We offer repairs and replacements for residents throughout Corpus Christi, Aransas, Kingsville, Calallen, Robstown and surrounding areas. For more than five years, we have served countless families and homeowners with all of their garage needs. In fact, many professionals will recommend a new opener if they notice any of the following needs:

Safety issues

If the garage door on your home was installed before 1993, there is a very good chance it is not meeting current safety standards. That is because it was in this year that the federal government passed a law that mandates each and every garage door must be designed with an automatic reversal feature. This feature means that if the door is lowering and a pet, child or object crosses paths or gets in the way of photo eyes, or sensors, it will automatically change directions to prevent injury or damage.

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Quieter operation

Since the garage door was invented, technology has continued to evolve to make a more efficient and powerful system. From greater horsepower to reduced energy usage, today’s garage doors offer people all the enhanced function without the extra noise. For many, choosing a system with the belt drive will be the quietest option for all of their home needs. Yet, even a traditional chain drive has greatly improved in terms of overall sound quality.

Structural Integrity

If you are seeing water come into your garage, or have noticed something has tampered with you garbage, it may indicate there are major problems going on. If your garage door is dented, or your weather seal isn’t functioning, it could be letting in water, animals or even larger pests that can cause damage to your home and belongings. Whether it’s an issue with rust or an inability to close, you can’t afford to leave your home vulnerable.

And when you are dealing with more than 300 pounds of machinery, it best to play it safe and call in the professionals. Our knowledgeable team will come out to your home to thoroughly inspect the door opener and any associated issues. We have handled all types of problems – both big and small – and are highly trained at fixing and installing quality-grade overhead door openers.

Call the professionals of Corpus Christi Garage Door for an expert evaluation and estimation at 361.214.2291. Regardless of whether you need a repair, or a full replacement, our team is here for you.

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