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As one of the premier garage door companies servicing Portland, Corpus Christ Garage Doors is ready to help your business stay on track. Often, a lag in the garage door’s function or operation means lost time and dollars.

If your business’ garage door is having problems, let our team come out, identify and repair what’s wrong in hardly any time at all. That’s because our team is highly experienced in all things related to commercial garage doors. We have decades of experience serving not only businesses but also resident in the Portland area.

Our team can spot a problem right away, and work to repair it so your business can be back up and running. Common problems include anything from damaged rollers or panels to spring or torsion issues. But let us tell you more about that, and what steps to take.


If someone has recently hit your door with a large vehicle or something else that heavy, it is likely that your door is no longer functioning as it should. Often, in the case of commercial doors, these are designed with extra panels so that it can be an easy fix without having to replace to entire door.

Alignment is off:

If the track of your garage door is rusted or corroded, it could disrupt the function and lead to the track being off balance or misaligned. When this happens, the motor can easily wear out from trying to make up for the difference in alignment and space. When this happens, it causes much bigger and costly issues.

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Torsion spring:

It may sound like your garage door is working, but if it’s only making noise and isn’t moving – it could mean a broken torsion spring is at fault. This is highly dangerous because of its role in holding the weight of the door, and it can be a safety risk to all who enter.


The wheels of the garage door help it move up and down along the track. But over time, these wheels can wear down and even pop off the track altogether. If your wheels are damaged, shrunken, rusted or corroded, it may be time to replace them and keep your door functioning as it should.

Over the course of the lifespan of a garage door, many businesses will encounter these problems due to normal wear and tear. Having a company you can count on can help to relieve any anxiety and ensure you have a trusted source for all your business needs.

The team of Corpus Christi Garage Doors can be the trusted source you are looking for. For more than five years we have been the best in the business, and our knowledge is simply unparalleled experience. As repair masters, we have the skills to fix any problem no matter how big or small.

Our commitment is to making sure your business doesn’t lose any more productivity than the smallest amount. We will ensure your team is up and running in no time Give us a call to get the process started.

Do you need a commercial overhead door repaired in Portland? Give us a call today!

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