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Just like you, our home is rooted in the historical charm of Corpus Christi. With miles of gorgeous beaches and a bustling downtown, we take pride in being part of this flourishing community.

For more than five years, the team of Corpus Christi Garage Doors has been serving the families, businesses and people of the great state of Texas. We offer repair, replacement and installation of garage doors for residential and commercial properties throughout Corpus Christi and surrounding areas.

Our focus is to our customers, our neighbors and our friends – whether you just met us or have known us for years – once you work with Corpus Christi Garage Doors, you are always part of the family.

As part of our family, we will make sure you are treated right and have a great experience deciding on a new garage door. We will walk you through the different options for materials, design, and special features to make your home beautiful, and your garage functional.

For homeowners, one of the easiest ways to increase curb-appeal on your home is by replacing the garage door, in fact, the value it adds to your house will far outweigh the cost of a new one. This is appealing for homeowners who are ready to put their house on the market, and also for those who are looking to remodel or renovate for their own needs.

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Residential and Commercial Overhead Door Repair and Installation

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While every garage door opener follows a similar mechanical makeup, the design can make a huge difference in the overall style and curb-appeal. Most homeowners choose a traditional sectional door, which has various panels and a track system for lifting and lowering.

Depending on the style of home you have, you may want to add a contemporary option to match your modern décor. Or are looking to incorporate a traditional carriage-style door to bring charm to a Tudor revival house. This swinging style door enhances the overall look of the house, and is considered to be energy-efficient due to its strong seals and limited joints.


When it comes to choosing a material, many homeowners are looking for something strong, durable and built to last. Steel doors are often the most popular option for homeowners because it is affordable, low maintenance and comes in a variety of style options – including a faux wood to match the aesthetic you want.

In addition to steel, other material options can include wood, aluminum, vinyl, fiberglass, and actual glass. Depending on your budget and the qualities you are looking for, each material has unique characteristics that can suit you needs.

Special Features:

Once you have selected the right design, and material – it’s time to customize your new investment. For some people, that means adding unique detailing to the panels, handles and choosing glass panels for additional light. It also could mean opting for the heaviest insulation option.

Yet for the tech-savvy homeowner, you may be looking for a unit that is quieter, more connected and compatible with smart devices. There are many options that can support that lifestyle and make your home safer. From remote access to fingerprint keypads and a backup battery for when power goes out – whatever need you have, our team can help you.

For businesses, you need a garage door system that helps protect your business, employees and your valuable assets. If you are in the market for commercial overhead doors, reach out to the team of Corpus Christi Garage Doors. As a small business in the area, we know the importance of time and productivity, and old, outdated door systems can hinder a business’ ability to perform.

When you design or update your facility, investing in a new garage door cannot only help with the exterior, but it can provide the necessary functions your business needs. Whether you are looking at an overhead door, roll-up, fire-rated options or commercial gates, our team can advise you on the best choice for you. Whether you have a warehouse, distribution center, parking garage or storage unit – we have a variety options to keep your business running smoothly, and staying secure.

Regardless of whether you’re looking to renovate a business, or a home – Corpus Christi Garage Doors can help you. Simply begin the process with one of our expert team members, and we’ll get you on the right track.

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