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With a rich history dating back to 1887, the city of Gregory has always been a friendly community that continues to innovate and thrive. Having earned national recognition from a visit from former President William Taft, this steadfast community has been small but mighty for more than a century.

As one of the best garage door companies in Corpus Christi, we have served countless families and businesses throughout Gregory, Portland and the surrounding cities. Our focus is on delivering quality service, affordable prices and beautiful options to keep the families of Gregory safe and protected.

We offer repair, replacement and installation of garage doors and garage door openers to meet any need. Whether you are experiencing big or minor issues with your system, we can help you. Dealing with garage door trouble can be dangerous, and it’s best to always differ to the professionals to prevent any harm to you, your family or others.

In fact, each year in the United States, there are more than 9,000 incidents involving garage doors from either pinching or in more serious cases, crushing. That is nearly 25 people, each and every day. While this paints a sad and unnerving picture, it serves a purpose to remind people that those who are trained and experienced should only handle these doors and systems.

While the federal government implemented a law in 1993 that requires all systems to be designed with an automatic reversal feature, some doors were installed before then and are still in use. These doors do not meet safety requirements, and should be replaced immediately, and other precautions should also be taken to ensure accidents are less frequent.

What is automatic reversal?

Automatic reversal refers to a sequence of events that prevents the door from closing when an object, person or pet either crosses paths or is in obstruction of a photo-eye, or sensor. The idea is that when a door is lowering, if the sensor is triggered, the door will automatically change directions and rise back up to prevent any injury or damage to people or things.

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What else is important about garage door safety? 

Any professional would recommend that homeowners, businesses and landlords do a visual inspection of the door at least twice a year. Daylight savings time is always a good time for any sort of safety inspection inside and outside of the home.

By visually inspecting your overhead unit and system, you should take note of any unusual movement, shaking, uneven lifting, squeaking or grinding noises. Whether it is subtle or overt, these signs can indicate a larger problem with your garage door. While some of these may be relatively simple to fix, it can easily transform into a more complicated issue as more time goes on.

If you garage door is unbalanced as it lifts or lowers, and one side goes faster than the other – this could show that your springs or cables are overworked and close to giving out. A squeaking noise along with movement could indicate the need for grease on the track, or tightening of hardware. Regardless of what it sounds like, you should be careful and call in the professionals to correctly diagnose the problem before taking it on.

What is the difference between a repair and replacement?

When a garage door isn’t functioning, people tend to jump to an incorrect conclusion and already dread the potential cost. It’s in our nature to assume the worst. But sometimes, what seems like a complicated issue can actually turn out to be a simple repair.

Other times, the seemingly simple repair can have multiple components causing one or more issues. Sometimes, we find that repairing a complicated issue is more costly than a replacement. Whatever issues we find, we will walk you through each step and propose potential solutions. We put you first.

Our team is dedicated to protecting your home and business, and we know this can be an important decision. Our goal is to give you the best and most accurate information, so you can move forward with a decision that you feel good about.

If you are experiencing issues with your garage, don’t let yourself jump to conclusions or underestimate some serious work. The team at Corpus Christi Garage Doors has helped people figure out their problems and gave them the support they needed for more than five years.

If you live in Gregory and are having garage door trouble, contact the best in the area. Corpus Christi Garage Doors is here to help you stay safe and protected year after year.

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