Residential Garage Door Installs Portland

Garage Door Installation Portland

Residential Garage Door Installation Portland


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Portland, Texas is one of the best towns to live in on the Gulf Coast. It is full of beautiful beaches, wildlife and points of interest. For its residents, it means having a great community and a firm sense of pride and protection.

For many families, the garage is the main entry and exit point for the home. So whether you pull your car into your garage, or use it as an office, gym or workshop, you want it to look good each and everyday.

If you have an old garage door, you may be considering making a change to not only help it perform better but also to enhance the look of your home. Replacing or installing a new garage door is an easy and sometimes necessary way to improve the value of your home. Here are three great benefits of residential garage door installation in Portland, Texas.


While making improvements to your home can increase the overall value, you may not realize that one of the biggest returns on your investment is installing a new garage door. On average, homeowners see nearly an 80 to 90 percent return by replacing the door. This is because it not only improves the beauty, but also the functionality – from making it safer to helping with energy bills through insulation.


Another reason replacing a garage door can be beneficial is because it can help to improve the overall look and feel of the home. An older door may have rust, dents, holes or just an outdated style to it. Nowadays, most homeowners can have any style door without the hefty price tag because of the wide variety of options. A simple change can really make an impact, and have neighbors admiring it from afar.

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Better Performance

Finally, while it is important to get a door that adds charm and helps to increase the value of your home – you also need one that performs good, if not better. Depending on the age of your door, you may not realize how quiet they can be. With updated driver options that use rubber instead of chains, and insulation – you can barely hear it. Also, newer versions have updated technology to connect to devices, make it more secure for access and even offer backup battery power when the electricity goes out.

Peace of Mind

And if those benefits don’t convince you why a new installation is right for you – consider the safety factors. Besides ensuring your door has automatic reversal, which prevents damage when items are below a lowering door, there are many other safety features in new doors. You can opt for traditional keypad entry or even upgrade to higher technology options. When door openers are connected to smart devices, it can also send you alerts for when it opens or closes.

If you are looking for residential garage door installation in Portland, Texas, let the team of Corpus Christi Garage Doors help you.  Simply call us today to start the process of selecting your new opener.

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