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When it comes to finding the most professional garage door experts in Robstown, Texas, you should check out the seasoned team at Corpus Christi Garage Doors. A mere 20 minutes down the road, we have helped families and businesses repair, replace and install overhead and commercial doors to meet any need.

As one of the best companies in the area, we pride ourselves on our ability to help homes and properties become safer and more protected. Whether you have small children, or a warehouse full of goods – we can help you take the necessary steps to improving your security.

Not only can a new or repaired garage keep unwanted critters, vandals and thieves from entering your home, but it can also work more efficiently so it can stop and lift when objects or children run underneath.

Actually, if your garage door was installed before 1993, you may have a serious hazard or risk on your hands. This is because it wasn’t until 1993 that the federal government regulated the safety features for garage doors, ensuring that each door was designed with an automatic reversal feature. That means if any item crosses pathways when a door is lowering, the photo eye sensor will be trigged and the door will automatically stop and lift – protecting any person, pet, or property underneath.

This fact alone is one of the many reasons to have your door inspected by a professional. But a new door can also help to improve everything from your home’s curb appeal, to reduced noise and potentially decreased energy bills. But how?

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Curb Appeal

The garage, whether attached or detached, is one of the most prominent features of a home or business. A rusty door with holes or dents, can indicate to outsiders that the property inside is also improperly cared for – even if it’s in tip-top shape.

For most homeowners, they may not even realize that a new garage door cannot only help add character and appeal to a home, but it can actually increase the value. On average, homeowners see an 80 percent return on investment when they replace the garage door over any other part of the home – including a new office or renovated bathroom.

With such a wide range of options, it is surprising to many families how close we can get it to match your current style or color scheme. Whether you want something with glass window panels for natural light, or rustic details that bring that country charm to any style.

Reduced noise

One of the biggest indicators that there may be a problem with your current system is loud, grinding or squeaking noises. A new noise, or even a bang, can mean that there is a problem that needs attention. Noise issues can mean that it’s something small like the need to grease your tracks, or a broken spring.

Before you take on anything by yourself, make sure you do a quick visual observation for obvious hazards, and then call a professional to take a look. You don’t want to mess around with a 300-pound or more garage door. Our staff is highly trained to spot any problem quickly, and we have the skills and knowledge to repair any situation – big or small.

If nothing is wrong, but you still find the noise to be disturbing, it could be as simple as replacing your opener so that it operates with a different driver. In the past, the most common garage door openers were made using a chain-drive, similar to the chain of bike, which was very noisy. Now, there are far more options for drivers that can make the opening and closing of a door so much quieter – perfect for families with little babies, or teenagers.

Decreased energy bills

Today’s modern times means that the use of the garage is transforming into additional home space for families. If you find yourself opening a small business for your ETSY store, or are looking for a close workout space for when your kids are sleeping – the garage may be the obvious choice.

But when it comes to regulating temperature, your current door may not be making the cut. A door with added insulation can actually impact the temperature by 10 degrees, compared to the outside. That means it’s more comfortable to be inside the garage, and also potentially, less impact inside the home. When a garage shares a wall with the home, and it’s not insulated, it could be impacting the temperature, and therefore your energy bill. If you have tried to decrease your bill in other ways, it may be time to invest in a new door.

No matter what need you have – make sure you call the best for the families in Robstown. Corpus Christi Garage Doors has been helping residents for more than five years, and we hope to continue for decades more. Call us today to get started.

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