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Whether you have lived in Taft your whole life, or recently moved there, you know that this city is full of pride, offers a high quality of life and has a strong sense of community spirit. With beautiful homes and small town charm, it is not surprising that the people of Taft, Texas are kind, friendly and good-hearted.

They know the feeling of hard work and can appreciate a day of rest. When the going gets tough, they put on their boots and walk out the door to tackle whatever comes their way.

While some people think it can be an easy fix, these systems can be far more complicated than they seem, and can be quite dangerous. But when it comes to fixing up garage door openers, it is always best to leave it to the professionals. That’s because the professionals have what it takes to do the job right.


This one should be obvious as to why you should always go with a trusted service professional over a do-it-yourself approach. First, it is more convenient. A professional will have the necessary tools, ladders and spare parts for the most common of problems. They also have encountered nearly every problem, on every different of type garage door – no matter than manufacturer. This wealth of knowledge cannot only help them pinpoint the problem, but quickly and easily correct it so that you can get back to your life with little interruption. And isn’t that all you want anyway?


A trained professional also has access to quality parts and replacement components that would otherwise leave you waiting around on for weeks. Most of them either have them on-site when they arrive to do a repair, or can easily reach out to their industry peer for a fast delivery to finish the job. Not only do they have access to quality parts, but also their work is also superior to any Fix-It-Felix. With years of experience and countless jobs, the team of Corpus Christi Garage Door prides themselves on their ability to provide quality care and expertise to homeowners and businesses.


If you still aren’t sold on using a trained professional with years of experience and quality work, then we recommend doing it just for the safety value. Across the United State each year, there are nearly 10,000 accidents and deaths involving garage doors. When you are dealing with these systems – it can weigh anywhere between 300 and 600 pounds, and when combined with gravity – that can be crushing.

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Before you do anything, be sure to call in the experts of Corpus Christi Garage Door to get an initial look at your problems. From there, we can guide you on the right and safest path for you, your home and your family. And while we will take good care of you, we also will help you understand how to maintain and care for your garage long after we have been there.

The first step before you begin your inspection is to remove your cars from the garage, and park them outside. The next step is simple; observe the door while it is operating. Once your cars are parked, step out of the vehicle and open and close the door as you normally would. That way, you can get a great vantage point for any jerky movements, shaking or abnormalities.

If that is ok, it is time to move to the manual operation. Once you switch the pull-cord to manual, see if the garage door stays closed, or drifts down from the open position. These could indicate very different courses of action.

Inspect the lower level goods. By this, we mean take a close look at the bottom of the door, is it sitting properly along the bottom? Is there a good seal to the ground, or are you noticing a gap somewhere? If the garage door is uneven, that could be serious. But if it’s a problem with the weather seal, it may be something you can handle yours

Inspect the additional sections. If you notice any damages, fraying or wear and tear – it could mean that something else is coming down the line. When it comes to the cables, this is a big red flag. Whereas, a dirty track may just need a little greasing. But always refer to a professional before taking anything on, especially when dealing with springs or cables.

Don’t put yourself in harm’s way simply call the seasoned professionals of Corpus Christi Garage Doors. Just a short drive away, our experts can be there fast to help you when you need it most.

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