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As a business owner, managing your operational and maintenance costs are often half the battle. It can take a toll on your mental health, and your finances – especially when it is not expected.  And an old and aging garage door can be quite the hassle.

Whether your garage door is mature, or has suddenly begun to improperly function, it is imperative to take swift action to prevent any potential injuries to your employees, or further damage the mechanical unit.

In essence, a garage door system is made up in three to four main parts – the door, the track and cable system, the mechanics and the motor. While this is a simplified version, an opener can be quite complex and complicated when it comes to performance issues. That is why it is always best to hire a service professional to inspect and repair any problems.

Service professionals are highly skilled at identifying root causes, even if it appears to be disguised as something else. If you are in the Calallen area, and need to find the best garage door repair in the area, Corpus Christi Garage Doors has your back.

We can be out there quickly so you can get on with your day-to-day routine. We have plenty of spare parts and work closely with original equipment manufacturers, so we can easily get replacements that may be difficult to find. Once we have come out and repaired the problem – whether it is a dented panel, misaligned track or a problem with the torsion spring – we will recommend a solid maintenance plan.

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commercial garage door repair calallen

For this, we simply recommend that business owners put it in their plan to inspect the overall system every six months, or at daylight savings time. We have found this visual inspection can catch potential problems far enough in advance that it doesn’t have a ripple effect later on, including:


One of the biggest issues can be misalignment of the track, or an uneven opening and closing of the garage door. If a track is left without adjustments, it can cause the motor to overwork and fall into disrepair. But if you catch it early enough, you can easily course correct so it doesn’t negatively impact the function.

Weather seals:

Checking out the weather seals can mean that you stop unwanted bugs, critters or even water from entering the garage. When weather seals have gaps, cracks or aren’t fully connected to the ground – it can let in a lot of unwanted and potentially damaging things.

Cables and tracks:

If your opener is making new noises, it could indicate the tracks need cleaning and greasing. But also checking for any fraying cables can be an important step in getting ahead of the curve.

If you are experiencing any opener trouble, the experts of Corpus Christi Garage Doors can help you repair or replace the problem. Simply call us at 361.214.2291 to start the process today. Don’t let your business take a beating, just let us give you the care and attention your doors need.

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