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Kingsville, Texas is known as one of the leading centers for industry, trade and ranching in the area with more than 60,000 cattle. In fact, for more than a century this small town has been proud of its rich history and continuous growth.

For many, it is a home to students, families and a slew of entrepreneurs and business owners. For us at Corpus Christi Garage Doors, Kingsville is an extension of our community. For more than five years we have served the great people of Kingsville in all of their garage door opener needs and beyond.

We are highly trained, so much so that it feels like we wrote the book on installing, repairing and replacing garage doors. But today’s garages aren’t always used in the same way as they once were. Nowadays, it seems like every garage has been transformed as an extension of the home.

Before we get more into that, let us first take a walk down memory lane and explain about how the first garage door was invented. As you may be familiar with, the original garage actually began as the carriage house – holding animals, horses and carriages in a basic structure with outwardly swinging doors. For many generations – and perhaps, thousands of years – this style of building was detached on the property.

It wasn’t until Henry Ford mass produced the automobile that the need for a new style of storage came about. Even though the automobile was more affordable than ever before, it still came with a heavy price tag that left people wanting a more secure environment to protect their prized possession. While public parking was normal, it often was far away and inconvenient to travel to and from. But parking outside left the car exposed to elements.

Then in 1921, a man by the name of C.G. Johnson, invented the modern garage. This overhead door, replaced the traditional carriage house door, allowing it to lift and lower and making it easier for cars to pull directly into the space. But it wasn’t until a few years later that electricity played a role. y and your family or customers stay safe and free of harm. Each year, more than 10,000 people are injured when handling or making repairs to the garage door – mostly homeowners who failed to call in the professionals.

That’s why you should always call in the trained technicians to spot the problem, from there we can help you decide the right course of action. Whether you can easily address it, we need to repair or we recommend a replacement.

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Nowadays, more than 70 percent of homes throughout the United States have some sort of attached or detached garage. But how many of those have been transformed into an additional space for the family – who knows? However, the top four uses for that space are definitely goal-worthy, including:

A mudroom: Any organized matriarch and patriarch will fawn over the potential storage options for shoes, backpacks and other outdoor gear. With cubbies for after school, and storage space for seasonal clothing, it makes it easier to go to-and-fro without ever having to run back in the house. And let’s be honest, it also means less dirt and cleaning inside the house for any impromptu stopover from your friends, or in-laws.

An office: Many of today’s biggest businesses once started in a garage – from Apple to Amazon, and even toy-tycoon Mattel have all had their big breaks after working from a dirty old space. But today’s offices are much more luxurious and feature everything from heating and air conditioning, to carpets and built-in desks.

A playroom. Depending on the size of your home, not everyone can afford to have a dedicated space to children’s toys and activities. While many basements have been converted into bedrooms and home theatres, it only makes sense that the garage also serves with a strong purpose. Because of its shelter from the outdoor elements, and variety of flooring options, a once dirty garage can now be a child’s own world.

A workshop. Or man cave, depending on the type of guy. Whether your guy wants to fix cars, build tree houses or just hangout and exercise, the garage has the space and the feel that every guy envisions. Some simple upgrades to the garage door, like insulation and better horsepower, can make any guy feel like Tim-the-tool-man-Taylor.

So if you are looking to upgrade your garage from a carport to a useful space, just remember there is more to consider than just paint colors. Investing in a new door opener can also make the space more comfortable, while improving the curb-appeal outside. With design options that let in natural light, and quiet belt-drives that make it nearly unnoticeable, you will be able to create the perfect space and atmosphere all at once.

The team at Corpus Christi Garage Doors can help you pick out the right style, material and features to help you realize your dreams. Give us a call today to get the process started.

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