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When your garage door starts having trouble, it can be inconvenient for you to get to work, run errands and have access to your home. Sometimes it can cause excessive noise, or the springs or cables to break. In other cases, it won’t lift or lower even though it sounds like it is still operational.

Whether you think you know the root cause, or have no idea where to begin, it is always best to call in the professionals to examine and identify any potential issues. Garage doors are the largest mechanical devices to a home, often weighing between 300 and 600 pounds. Trying to fix it without training or experience, could be potentially hazardous to your health and safety.

But calling the professionals, Corpus Christi Garage Doors, can save you time, headache and risk. Our experts are highly trained with years of experience and incredible knowledge about the types of common problems that homeowners encounter – no matter how big or small. We also can identify when multiple issues are at hand, and help you decide on the best step for your protection and budget.


A common, and mostly simple issue is often with the photo eye, or safety sensors. These sensors help to notify the main system when an object, person, or pet is in the pathway of the door, and will trigger an automatic reversal response to prevent it from being impacted or crushed.

However, if nothing is in the way, and you still have trouble, it could mean something else is going on. For instance, the sun may be affecting its function, dirt could be blocking the signal or it could be misaligned. All of these are simple fixes that any homeowner can do. But if it still doesn’t work, it could be a large complication.

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When it comes to garage doors, spring hold the most amount of weight and control the lifting and lowering of the unit. When there is trouble here, it is the most dangerous type of hazard in a home. Once a spring has been worn out, or can no longer hold the weight, the tension will snap causing big problems to the door, and potentially anyone or anything nearby. If your door is unbalanced, it may mean the spring is not evenly carrying the weight and an issue with the spring is the culprit.

One of the other main indicators of a problem is a change in noise. While chain-drive garage doors often are noisy, anything out of the ordinary should be noted. Often, a new noise or increase in volume is a sign that the track, driver or power is not functioning properly. Don’t let it be too late before you seek help, the sooner you can pinpoint the problem, the less risk you have overall.

If you are experiencing any of these common issues, or others, you should call in the best. Corpus Christi Garage Doors has been serving the city of Portland for more than five years, helping keep homes safe and families protected.  

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