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What Garage Door is Best

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Whether you recently bought a new home in the Corpus Christi or surrounding towns, or are renovating your current home – you may be considering making a transformation of your garage. While in the past, your garage may have been used as a place to park your cars or store unused seasonal goods, nowadays, this space is constantly being reinvented to provide homeowners and families with additional space for all of their needs.

Often, people take advantage of this extra enclosure and convert it into anything from a home gym or playroom, to an office or creation studio for small businesses. In other cases, it may be utilized as a workshop or painting space, or as a mudroom for organization. Depending on your plans, it may be worth investing in a door that helps to enhance the space and makes it a better environment.

To decide what garage door is best for you, you should consider the following features:


If you are planning to spend hours out in the garage working or playing, you may want to consider whether you need an insulated door or room. Insulated doors can help to regulate the internal temperature of the garage. Often, keeping it cooler when it is warm outside, and warmer inside when it is cold outside by a difference of 10 degrees. Insulated doors have three varying levels of insulation, allowing you to decide what is best for you.


If you have had the same garage door for more than 15 years, you may notice it is quite noisy. This may be because the parts and tracks are not well lubricated, are misaligned or may be working harder than ever. There are many new and improved garage door openers that have ultra quiet technology that makes it easier to come and go without those awful grinding and squeaking noises.

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what garage door is best


Safety should always be one of the most important features of a garage door. Automatic reversal has been a key feature of garage doors since 1993, and is a federal safety regulation aimed at preventing injury and damage by lifting a closing door when an item or person crosses the sensor pathway. Rolling codes and keypads also help to create a more secure barrier so that unwanted visitors cannot easily enter.  Nowadays, smart technology can even alert you when it is opened, so you can better monitor your home.

Smart technology

As homes across Texas are increasingly more connected to smart devices, it only makes sense that the garage is too. A smart garage door opener can be programmed to operate via voice command, or to turn on the inside lights when the door is opened. It can allow you to monitor household activity, give access to multiple users and remotely open or close it, so you never have to get out of bed late at night.

As you can see, there are many features to consider when choosing the best garage door for your home. Knowing how you plan to use the space, and what is essential for you will help you narrow down your options.

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